Date Night!

Next item on our Bucket List: Date Night! It’s so easy these days getting caught up in the kids’ schedules, not to mention your own work schedule!  Putting it on the list made it a priority, and in the end it was a great time, a much needed getaway from the list of things at home. We headed out to catch the Astros game with our spouses, and as a bonus there were Friday Night Fireworks after the game, so fun! 

There are great bars and restaurants within walking distance from the stadium, so we met up after the game for a double date. The Rustic is a fun bar which combines live music and amazing local craft beer in an indoor/outdoor setting. We had some fun drinks, the guys tried out some craft beers, and we all got to hang out like we used to before kids! 

Date Nights like this can be the best of both worlds, because not only did we get time alone with our spouses, but we got to also spend time together with friends after the game.  Also, it was a relaxed and calm date, so while it’s not as laid back as being in our jammies on the couch, it was good to go out and have conversations with other adults!

Where are some of you favorite places to go on casual date nights? We would love to know! 

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