Apple Pie

Dueling Apple Pie Recipes

Apple Pie
Apple Pie

We’re back and checking off another item from our Southern Fall Bucket List in the most delicious way possible- taste testing apple pie recipes!

Unlike most pie bakers, we did not start off by making our own pie crust. We used the Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts, because let’s face it, it is EASY!

Mary made the Perfect Apple Pie recipe that comes on the pie crust box, and I made one we saw on Southern Living’s Instagram feed, the Easy Skillet Apple Pie recipe.

Both recipes required packaged refrigerated pie crusts, so they were right up our alley, and the ingredients were almost identical. We used a mixture of Granny Smith and Honey Crisp Apples in both pies, although the Easy Skillet Pie called for Braeburn, we did not find any at the store, so we improvised.

Overall, we had a great time baking our pies, and they were really super easy to make and made the house smell DELICIOUS. We ended up not having a favorite because they both tasted SO different, even though we used the same kinds of apples!

The Perfect Apple Pie was more tart and had a stronger “apple” flavor. The Easy Skillet Apple Pie was sweeter and felt like a more decadent dessert. We did not eat them a la mode, although the Pillsbury recipe tastes great with vanilla ice cream, and the Southern Living recipe recommends eating it with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream or salted caramel ice cream, we thought they were great on their own.

Want to do some taste testing of your own? Here are the recipes we used!

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