Fantasy Football: It’s not just for the guys anymore

Football has always been part of my life.  I grew up going to Houston Oilers games and singing their fight song. And now, my entire family tailgates together and goes to the Houston Texans games on Sundays.  It is our tradition.  A few years back one of my neighbors started an all women’s Fantasy Football League because all our husbands were off to Draft Parties and she thought we should have one too. Who cared that we didn’t know all the players? If the guys could have a party we could too!

It became a thing and season after season we actually started to know who the players were and were rooting for them on the weekends.  Then I moved away, and I decided to start my own Fantasy Football League with some of the new mom friends I had made.

Now it is one of my favorite events to host! It is super easy and gets you in the spirit for Fall! Plus, the decorations are easy to find because football season is right around the corner.

I find cute FREE printables on Pinterest, cute football decor, and I order a Draft Board on Amazon.  We like to get one with the player’s pictures on it, because who doesn’t want to know what they look like? Sometimes some of our best picks are based on the tiny picture, haha!

Each of us pitches in $20 for the winner’s spa gift certificate and brings an appetizer to share. It’s a great excuse for a Girl’s Night and we have a lot of fun just catching up and making our pics.  We use the ESPN Fantasy Football app which is free for our league and it is super easy for beginners. 

Let us know if you have your own Fantasy Football League and what your traditions are! We would love to hear about them in your comments! 

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