First Friday Teacher Gift

There is no tired like first week of school teacher tired.  I know.  I have been there.  The teachers have been working around the clock to get their rooms ready, their lesson plans done, and everything set for the first day of school.  Then the kids arrive and they are ON.  No time to snack, no time to rest,  no time to eat, no time to go to the bathroom.  Friday rolls around and all they want to do is sleep for days! But many of them have families of their own to go home to, and dinner has to be made.  

To perk up their Friday Night, I like to make First Friday Dinner Bags for my son’s teachers as a treat for having survived the first week of school.  They are super easy and appreciated as it takes the guess work of what they are going to make for dinner when they get home and just want to relax and have a glass of wine.  

What do I put in the bags? A box of pasta, a jar of tomato sauce, a loaf of garlic bread, a salad in a bag, a bottle of flavored sparkling water (because wine at school is frowned upon, haha) and a pan of homemade brownies.   Add a cute gift tag and you are all set.  Easy Peasy.  

I got the cutest bags from the Target Dollar Spot. They are the perfect size and so cute! If they are no longer available at your local Target, you can always find cute bags at TJ Maxx or even at your grocery store.  

Make your bags on Thursday night and drop them off in the morning with your child, or drop them off at lunch time on Friday. Either way your teacher will be surprised and grateful that dinner is DONE! 

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