Make Halloween Lunch Spooktacular!

Halloween is such a great time to get creative and break the monotony of making the same lunches every day. Kids love to open their lunch box and find a Halloween surprise! You don’t have to go ALL out, a simple spider ring or Halloween joke is all it takes to make a child smile! If they can’t read yet, a cute napkin does the trick too! 

Turning a lunch into something fun doesn’t take any special tools.  You can use cookie cutters to make all sorts of things. An apple or circle shape cookie cutter can become a pumpkin, a simple square or rectangle can be a monster, just think outside of the box, after all, monsters don’t have a specific shape or size! Spider rings, witch fingers, and other creepy plastic toys all can liven up veggies and fruit, just make sure your kids are old enough to not eat them. You can also wrap food in Halloween treat bags to make them more festive.  Juice boxes can be turned into mummies with sticky googly eyes and gauze. Amazon has great toothpick eyes that work well on food, but you can always just use the sticky ones too, or use a Sharpie to draw faces on food that has a wrapper or a peel.  They also sell edible markers that you can use on food as well as candy eyes.  For a final touch, don’t forget to throw in a cute Halloween napkin and/or a lunch joke!  

Links to download free Halloween Jokes from one of our favorite sites is below as well as the Amazon link for toothpick eyes.

Don’t forget to comment below if you try any of these ideas on Halloween! 

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