Time to Label Those School Supplies

This was tax-free weekend in Texas and I know a lot of people were hitting the stores to take advantage of the sales and stock up on school supplies for the year.   Now that you have everything on the list, it’s time to sit down and label it all.  A black Sharpie always does the trick, but I like to “label” our school supplies with Washi Tape.  I have my son pick out a fun pattern and use that to mark his supplies.  Last year we found a cute one with robots, this year he liked the graph paper pattern.  Labeling supplies like this has worked out well for us because if one of his markers or colored pencils gets mixed up with his desk neighbors, it is easy for him to tell what belongs to him.  

There are tons of cute patterns of Washi Tape available! I get a lot of mine at the Target Dollar Spot.  I use Washi Tape on his markers, pencils, glue sticks, pencil sharpener, scissors, earbuds, etc.  I know that a lot of classrooms use community supplies, and I think that’s great, so usually the stuff that I know is going into his personal pencil box or pencil pouch is what gets “labeled”.  

The Washi Tape labeling has worked so well for us the past few years that my middle schooler likes to “label” her supplies this way too.  It’s not baby-ish and she likes finding tape that suits her, last year she picked a turquoise glitter tape for all her things, the year before it was soccer ball tape.  Find your favorite pattern at the link below! 


  1. Washi tape sounds like something I could keep in my classroom to help my kids keep up with their personals too! Thanks for the tip!

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