Look Your Best Friday Tip

One of our goals is to fit a daily face regimen into our morning and night routines.  We know some people have been religiously putting on moisturizers and face creams all their life, but there are those who have not, because, well, …life.  

Here is what we are committing to for the next few months, because if you do something enough times, it WILL become a habit!

No matter what skin care regimen fits your lifestyle, we have found that it’s just important to have one.  Whether you are buying high end items or drugstore brands, it’s just a matter of using the products on a regular basis, or you will not see results.

Here are the products that we are currently trying out:

You probably have a friend, or a friend of a friend, who sells Rodan & Fields.  It seems to be everywhere these days, so I picked this for my regimen.  I ordered their Redefine system and got their eye cream.  It is a little time consuming because of the multiple steps and you have to let products soak into your skin, but the before and after results pictures on their website seem to show skin improvement, so I felt it was worth a try.  

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to sample products, I love ordering Target Beauty Boxes.  They have products that are always available at Target,  they come in the perfect trial size, and you get it all for $7.  It’s a great way to try out new products and not committing to a full size item. They also have Men’s Grooming Boxes, which are great for guys! I know skin care is the last thing on my husband’s mind, so this is a great way for me to get items he can sample and they are perfect for him to throw in his dopp kit when he travels.  


Some of my favorite products I pick up at the drugstore or TJ Maxx. CeraVe hydrating cleanser and moisturizer were recommended by my dermatologist and I really do like them not to mention they are under $20 dollars. The Loreal Revatlift Bright Reveal pads are great for exfoliation before you moisturize. I had been using those apricot scrubs until I found out that can really be hard on your skin. I never really stick to one type of night moisturizer for long, I also pick up whatever looks interesting at TJ Maxx. My one tip is to look closely at where the product is actually made. For example a lot of time it will say designed or formulated in one country but they are made in another. Right now I am using Evoluderm which is light and really hydrating. It’s a French product made in France. Jade rollers are really in for applying creams, I am not sure it makes a difference but it is nice and cooling when you apply your products. The jade roller was $5 at TJ Maxx.  The two other products that I really like that I was hesitant to try but then really like are the gimme brow. Big brows are in style but I do not have time for such craziness this is the best eyebrow fix especially for those with nineties plucked eyebrow or perhaps hmmm eyebrows with a touch of grey. There are little fibers in the bottle that help achieve a thicker look. The last product and hear me out is the Charcoal powder for your teeth. The one shown is made from coconut and looks really crazy when you apply it because it makes your teeth black and dry out your mouth. However, when you actually rinse your mouth out (and your sink!) my teeth are noticeable whiter. 


What’s your skin care routine or product that works for you? Share in the comments below!


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