Meal Planning and Shopping in under 10 minutes

It’s rainy and dark out today and I have no food in the house and no meal plan for the week. I decided to light my favorite candle and figure out a way not to move from my nice warm couch and Netflixs. I could scour the internet to find recipes or save seven recipes but then have to make a million mile long grocery list. Let’s say I get around to doing both and go to the store I am sure I’ll forget to buy at least three key ingredients. Regardless I’m not doing any of that today. Good News Martha Stewart and Walmart have saved my day and now yours too! Below are links to Martha Stewart Grocery Bag meals. There are over 20 different meal planned weeks with one combined printable grocery list for free! I took that list and entered it on my grocery list on the Walmart grocery app. I’m choosing free pick up but they also are offering 14 days of free delivery.

This blog post actually took me longer than this week’s meal planning. Let us know you give it a try.

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