My Favorite Way To Pack A Quick Lunch

A Bento Box!  I love using it to pack my son’s lunch! I am NOT a morning person, and this little box helps me get lunches packed in no time.  How? Each little compartment is the perfect portion size and I have designated each one for a different food group:  main meal, a fruit, a vegetable, a snack, and a treat.  All I have to do is fill each one with what is supposed to go there and I am done! I have been using Bento Boxes to make lunches for my 3 kids since my oldest was in Kindergarten.   The older two kids (13 and 15 years old) no longer like taking their boxes to school, because they are too grown up for them, but my youngest,  who is 9,  loves it.  He can even pack his own lunch because he is now “trained”  on what goes in each spot.  Also, the older two are so used to having a fruit and a veggie in their lunches that they do it automatically.  I got mine from Pottery Barn Kids and I buy their lunchboxes because they were designed to fit the Bento Boxes perfectly.  Link to the boxes is below! They usually have them on sale during Back-to-School season! 


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