Project Ready Desk

I had always thought that getting your workspace ready for a new project was to have everything perfect and organized. Which is true, but if you wait for everything to be perfect might as well give up now.  Number one example, me getting ready for this blog post. I have (had) a beautiful office until we had to make some unexpected renovations to our home.  So I tried to keep piles here and there with a pile for kids, house, and work. I failed miserably.  So I decided to make a beautiful spot in the middle of the chaos. Guess what it helps!
I think if you’ve been procrastinating matching cute desk accessories brighten your mood.  Here’s an up close of my desk below.


I know alot of us have digital calendars which are necessary,  but I do like a paper system for my desk.  The calendars and agendas don’t have to be expensive. I got this desk calendar and agenda at Target. I also keep a weekly meal planner to keep me on track and it helps me refer back when I’ve run out of ideas my kids will eat. I can often find great deals at my local Tuesday Morning store for meal planner calendars and desk accessories. Many companies issue agendas and calendars that start in July so no need to wait until December to get organized. In fact tax free weekends are a great way to get good prices on the agendas and desk accessories to get you started for the fall. 

So I wanted to share was that things to don’t have to be perfect to be functional and making whatever space you have available bright and cheery can go along way to be prepared for the projects ahead!

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