Cookie Cutter Lunches

Every August moms everywhere start the year off with a renewed spirit and can do attitude… until we realize that we will be making lunches for the next 180 days of school.  And we all dread the number one item in most lunches.  The Sandwich.  We make them with ham, with turkey, with jelly, with cheese, and sometimes we get trendy and make them with avocado. But the monotony of making them day after day gets to the best of us, and by May, a slice of bread and a still-wrapped slice of cheese is considered a winning lunch! 

This year, try something new, with a kitchen tool that you probably already have…the Cookie Cutter.  Sure, you can buy “sandwich cutters” online or at the store, but if you are trying this for the first time, just use what you have! Make the sandwich and press the cookie cutter right in the middle.  If you are using meat that is having a hard time getting cut, roll your rolling pin right over the cutter for added pressure, and voila! A cute sandwich!  Have a kid that hates crusts? Then throw the extra pieces away, or snack on them yourself after the kids have gone off to school. 

Want to up your sandwich game some more? Add fun food picks to your lunches.  I love the ones with eyeballs because they give food a little personality.  You can get them on Amazon and they are relatively inexpensive.  My kids always bring them back so I can reuse them, but if they get thrown away, that’s ok too.  Amazon to the rescue.  Link to order fun food picks can be found below. 

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