Socially Distanced Halloween? Boo-ze Your Friends!

Halloween may be cancelled in your area due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still make it a great night! 

Many neighborhoods with little kids participate in Boo-ing, where you leave a basket of Halloween goodies on their porch and ask them to pay it forward and “Boo” 2 other houses within a couple of days.  The basket usually comes with a little sign to put on your front door so that people know your house has already participated.  It’s a cute surprise and the kids love being sneaky and Boo-ing others.  

But there’s no reason why kids should have all the fun! Adults can Boo-ze their neighbors and friends instead! It is basically the same concept, except you replace the Halloween candy and treats in the basket with BOOZE! You can add cocktail napkins, wine glasses, beer koozies, wine charms, coasters, Halloween snacks. etc… and make it adult appropriate! 

To make this cute Halloween bucket I got a bottle of red wine, 2 cute plastic stemless wine glasses, and 2 cute beer koozies.  Super easy, and super cute! You can put whatever you want in yours, beer, champagne, a bottle of liquor, etc… 

I found the tag through a Pinterest search, printed it, cut it out, and tied it to the bottle of wine.  You can find a lot of cute tags on Etsy as well, and some come with cute directions and a door tag if you want to play the “Boo-zed” game with your neighbors and friends.  If you don’t know your neighbors all that well, you can also just do a basic tag and just drop the basket off at a friend’s house as a nice Halloween surprise! 

Click below for the link to the Everyday Party blog where I found the cute tag:

I hope you have fun Boo-zing your friends this Halloween season! It’s the perfect way to surprise someone when they aren’t expecting it, and add some grown up fun to a socially distant Halloween! 

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