The Pantry Organization Game Changer

A couple years ago a good friend came over to my house and helped me get my pantry organized.  It wasn’t that my pantry was a ridiculous mess, but she was known by the middle school boys as the mom with the best pantry around, and when a 12 year old boy is raving about someone’s pantry, you know she has some good tips! 

The life changing organizational product that she introduced me to? The Amazing Lazy Susan.  Sure, we all know what lazy susans are used for and where they go, right? They sit in the middle of your table with your condiments for easy access.  But who would have thought to put one in the PANTRY of all places! I now have a few of them in there.  They are perfect for bottles of oils, vinegars, syrups, dressings, etc… All those things that you have to move other things around to read the labels before you can get what you need out.  No more reshuffling bottles, just give the lazy susan a spin and your bottle is at your fingertips.  I have also noticed that since organizing my vinegars and oils like this I use them more and they have less chance of spoiling or of me buying duplicates because I can see what I have.  Try one out in your own pantry and see what you have been missing!

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